Taking Down the Decorations

Every year while I’m putting up my decorations I think, “before I know it, these will all be coming down.” I try not to think about it too much because although Winter is not my favorite season, I enjoy the lights and deocorations that come with the Christmas season. I often think that lights should be a Winter season decoration to help with the gloominess I feel during the cold months. This weekend I will be packing away my Christmas decorations and making the switch to my “all season” decor. Before all the decorations come down, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite items.


I absolutely love my white tree. Not only is it different because it is white, it has the option of white or colored lights. I often alternate throughout the season because I can’t decide which one I like better. The colored lights are usually on when I want a more tranquil setting and the white lights make the room feel cozy. On my tree I have some glass ball ornaments. These are my favorite because they help capture the lights in the tree. Unfortunately, this year I couldn’t put too many up because we have a new puppy. He is curious about everything!


The lantern you see is one of my “all season” items that changes as the seasons change. It was used during my wedding to hold cards from my guests. I usually have string lights inside but I accidentally bought yellow lights and I didn’t like how they looked with my white lights on the tree. With all the shopping for gifts I never quite got around to buying a new set!

My favorite piece in my home is the Santa Claus placed next to the lantern. He was in my Grandmother’s house while I was growing up and after she passed I asked my father if I could have it. I have fond memories of always searching inside his sack for candy canes my Grandmother put inside.

What are some of your favorite holiday items in your home?



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