An Unexpected Favorite Gift: A Rice Cooker

On Thanksgiving, my family and I were talking about Black Friday and what we were hoping to get a deal on. One thing I had mentioned was a rice cooker. Of course with the many distractions while shopping on Black Friday, I forgot to look for one. This was mentioned in conversation later and put in the back of my mind to purchase after the holidays.

Christmas morning arrives and my mother hands my husband and I a medium sized box. I didn’t ask for anything specific so I didn’t have a clue what it was. To my surprise, it was a Black and Decker rice cooker. I was so excited!

You’re probably thinking, “it’s just a rice cooker..” but it isn’t! You see, both of my dogs have special dietary restrictions and one thing they can both have is rice. I go through a lot of rice and sometimes make it twice per week. However, with the rice cooker I can now make double the amount I used to make.

So, this is how my first time using it went.


Once my husband and I finally understood how to use it, the entire process was effortless. You measure the amount of rice you want, you add water, and you press a button. The appliance does everything else! I’m not exactly sure how long it took to cook (I cleaned a bit and became distracted) but what came out was a dream!


The rice was cooked perfectly and the best part was I didn’t need to find a container to put the rice in. The pot comes out of the appliance and can be easily placed into the refrigerator.

If you started to “ooo” and “ahh” over this Black and Decker rice cooker, it can be found at for $26.75. Check it out!


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